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22-25 November 2022
Centro de Convenciones Charles Darwin. San Cristóbal.Galápagos, Ecuador
America/Guayaquil timezone

Limitations, challenges and perspectives of young researchers in South America

23 Nov 2022, 15:00
Centro de Convenciones Charles Darwin. San Cristóbal.Galápagos, Ecuador

Centro de Convenciones Charles Darwin. San Cristóbal.Galápagos, Ecuador

Poster Equity, diversity and inclusion .


Dr Carlos Navas-CardenasDr Alicia Sommer (Yachay Tech University)


Nowadays, the number of people who want to get involved in research work is greater than it was many years ago. This fact has generated greater challenges to enter to the Academia in the World, especially in South America and the Caribbean countries. According to statistics, in this Region, only 0.75% of its GDP is destined to research and development, which is very low compared to the investment made by the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, 2.38%) and USA (2.74%). This is one of the main reasons why Master's and Ph.D. scholarships and funding for research projects are lower than in developed countries, making it increasingly difficult to compete for them. During a Graduate Program, the student acquires skills, experience and knowledge through their research, internships and meetings with other researchers. However, once graduated, it is difficult to find postdoctoral positions and even more so as a Researcher or as a Professor in research groups and universities in South America. On the other hand, there are several limitations that young researchers have in obtaining funding to carry out research projects, among other aspects, due to "the lack of experience and prestige", regardless of the skills, knowledge and networking achieved over several years of preparation. In addition, it is necessary to consider that there are several limitations regarding the acquisition of equipment and supplies, which is too cumbersome due to the unnecessary and annoying procedures that are requested from the administrative point of view. Despite these limitations, one of the main perspectives of the Young Researchers of South America is to develop projects and innovations that promote the development of the region, considering the enormous human talent, their desire for progress and their fresh ideas to take advantage of the resources through collaboration between researchers from around the world and the financing of projects by international organizations.

Theme Equity, diversity and Inclusion

Primary authors

Dr Carlos Navas-Cardenas Dr Alicia Sommer (Yachay Tech University)

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