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22-25 November 2022
Centro de Convenciones Charles Darwin. San Cristóbal.Galápagos, Ecuador
America/Guayaquil timezone

Academic marriages: Evaluating a researcher's independence

24 Nov 2022, 08:00
Centro de Convenciones Charles Darwin. San Cristóbal.Galápagos, Ecuador

Centro de Convenciones Charles Darwin. San Cristóbal.Galápagos, Ecuador

Oral Publishing process Plenary session


Maria Olga Guerrero Perez (Universidad de Malaga)Dr Gregory Patience (Polytechnique Montréal)


There is a consensus in the scientific community regarding the importance of the citations received, and for this reason the h-index is a factor commonly used throughout the world to evaluate the scientific quality of an author, since not only the quantity is important ( number of papers) but also quality (measurable impact in number of citations received).

However, parameters are rarely used to measure the number of authors, which is important to assess the independence of authors and their ability to work with different teams. An author can have many works with many citations, but what happens if absolutely all of his works have been published together with another author? how to demonstrate that he is an independent scientist capable of working without the other author?

The present work proposes a methodology to easily evaluate not only the number of authors per work but also the independence of an author (their ability to work in different environments or if they always publish the same number of authors) and it is studied if the independence of the authors is related to the position of the university in the main rankings and the research quality of the authors.

Theme Equity, diversity and Inclusion

Primary author

Maria Olga Guerrero Perez (Universidad de Malaga)


Dr Gregory Patience (Polytechnique Montréal)

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